We Need Your Help

While our parish is closed and cannot celebrate weekend Masses, we still have expenses. We realize that many in the community are experiencing financial hardships due to a decrease in job hours, an unexpected furlough or loss of employment. After taking care of yourself and your family, we ask that you contribute what you are able to at this time. We are all experiencing loss of income to some degree. We humbly ask for your consideration of our parish’s needs. Thank you very much for your contributions.

How to Contribute


You can use PayPal. All you need to do is click the donate button found on this page.

Mail in envelope

You may use the donation  envelope that you receive in the mail. If you are not currently receiving envelopes, please call the parish office at (661) 587-3626 to make a request.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Have the funds automatically debited from your account once a month. You can download an EFT form here and mail it to us. We will enroll you as soon as we receive the form.

Online Banking

You can utilize your financial institution's online banking system to have a check sent directly to the church.

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Net Income

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