Connect With Us

Although the doors are closed, the church is still open. There are new ways you can stay connected with us through our social media platforms to remain spiritually and prayerfully involved. Follow the links below to stay up-to-date with our virtual content. Please also check the “Pray Together” tab for more.

Weekly Schedule

Sunday 02/28

Indoor Mass @ 7:30am
Children’s Liturgy of the Word @ 9:30am (Youtube)
Indoor/LIVE Mass @ 10am (Youtube)

Outdoor Mass @ 12pm

Monday 03/01


Tuesday 03/02


Wednesday 03/03

Lenten Devotional @ 7pm (Youtube)

Thursday 03/04


Friday 03/05

Stations of the Cross @ 12:15pm (Outdoors)
Stations of the Cross @ 7pm (Indoors/Youtube)

Saturday 03/06

Indoor Mass @ 5pm

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